Who We Are

Our mission is to enable small and midsized organizations to achieve their business objectives through information technology. To do that, our customers need a trusted IT ally with a wide and deep bench of IT talent with expertise in emerging and critical technologies.

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The Logically Journey

While Logically is a relatively new name for us, 2022 marks our 23rd anniversary as an IT service provider and MSP. In 2018, Winxnet and K&R Network Solutions (KRNS) merged to form the leading MSP for small and midsized organizations. In 2019, Logically acquired Sullivan Data Management, Carolinas IT and IQ Technology to expand our customer base and technical team.

The expansion continued in 2020 with the acquisition of Personal Computer Resources (PCR) to bolster our East Coast presence. In 2021, Logically acquired NG2 to expand our midwest presence and Network Support Company in Connecticut. Logically also acquired the Managed Security Service Provider Cerdant in Dublin, Ohio and Halski Systems in Georgia. In 2022, Logically acquired Cornerstore IT, a full-service IT Managed Services Provider based out of Mentor, Ohio. Logically now operates in Maine, Massachusetts, California, Nevada, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ohio and Georgia. We are known for our responsiveness, outstanding customer service, and breadth and depth of technical expertise.

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We Do the Right Thing, Always

We understand that technology can have a big impact on your business. And, we take this responsibility seriously. It’s impossible to overstate how much we care about our work. We take it personally. Your success is our success.

So, we promise we will always do right by you. That means, if anything ever goes wrong, we’ll be right there with you in the trenches. It’s part of our ethos: we run through brick walls for you.

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Good Relationships Start with Good Values

We understand technology plays an important role in your business. We own this responsibility and treat it seriously, and our results prove that. Your success is our success. We promise we will always do right by you. Here are the core values we live by in order to be your trusted IT ally.

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We Are Positive

Positive and solution-oriented behavior is a staple of our ideology, and candidly, one of the things customers, partners, and colleagues appreciate the most.

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We Are Accountable

Accountability and ownership are critical to healthy relationships not only with our clients, but also to each other. Being able to trust that your colleague not only has your back, but is fully accountable to you and others is a clear sign of a high-performing team.

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We Are Customer-Centric

Both individually and as a team, our focus is always on providing an exceptional experience for our customers. Our approach is to provide an overwhelming response to customer issues until they are fully resolved beyond expectations.

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We Value Quality Relationships

Our success and winning culture are based on trusting, mutually respectful relationships between our peers, clients, and partners. Foundational to this is the fundamental appreciation for solid relationships amongst everyone we work with.

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We Are Committed to Doing the Right Thing, Always

This speaks to the core ethos of Logically and the people on our team. We are always going to do the right thing, period. It’s not always easy, it’s sometimes expensive, and at times it’s an exercise in personal humility. However, we will always do the right thing by our customers, our partners, and our colleagues.

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We Are Nimble

Being the best in our industry requires innovation, leadership, and the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment quickly. A significant competitive differentiator for Logically is not only being able to identify opportunities or challenges early, but also mobilizing the entire organization to overcome and lead when change and adaptation are required.

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Unsurpassed Operational & Technical Excellence

We set the standard for responsiveness and performance. OpLogic, our intelligent MSP Platform, is an automation tool that allows your IT environment to self-heal. And, our signature Care Team delivery approach ensures your dedicated team never misses a beat.

Our IT Solutions

Technology That’s Tailored to You

Technology that makes sense for (and to) you. Our team of 100+ experts speak your language and make IT accessible. We design unique environments that blend the right mixture of mature and cutting-edge technologies to help your business thrive. And, we deliver the peace of mind of knowing that your system is secure.

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