Who We Are

Our mission is to enable midsized and enterprise organizations to achieve their business objectives. We accomplish this by being our customer’s trusted partner with comprehensive knowledge of cybersecurity and IT, and technical expertise in emerging and critical technologies. Logically evolves with business needs to manage complexity, performance, and security of business technology – from end to edge to cloud.

Logically's Journey

Our Journey

While Logically is a relatively new name for us, 2023 marks our 24th anniversary as a trusted partner to thousands of businesses across the nation. Since 1999, we have made long-term relationships, customer service excellence, and purposeful innovation guiding principles to ensure our customers have a trusted advisor at their side, helping them focus on their business, not the technology behind it.

As Logically has grown through mergers and acquisitions over the last two decades, we’ve continued to hold fast to our mission of helping businesses scale in a rapidly changing world and technical landscape by providing the right expertise at the right time – fighting increasing complexity, growing skill gaps, and constantly changing risks along the way.

Logically now operates nationwide and supports customers globally. We are known for our outstanding customer service, unmatched technical expertise, and cyber-first approach to solutions and innovation.

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We Do the Right Thing, Always

We understand that technology is core to your business. That’s why we take this responsibility seriously. It’s not always easy, but it’s what’s right. We have your back, and if anything ever goes wrong, we’ll be right there with you.

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How We Operate

Cyber-First Solutions

Technology plays a critical role in business today which makes the need for a partner to secure and support your business today, solve for tomorrow, and strategize for the future even more important. As a trusted managed security and IT partner with a customer-first mindset, we tailor solutions to your business as it grows and evolves.

Future-Ready Business

We ensure your technology is high performing, highly available, and highly secure to keep your data safe, your operations sound, and your business ready for whatever comes next. That’s understanding your business and going beyond IT.

What We Value

Good relationships start with good values. We promise to always do right by you. Here are the core values Logically lives by in order to be your trusted advisor.

We Are Positive

Positive and solution-oriented behavior is a staple of our ideology, and candidly, one of the things customers, partners, and colleagues appreciate the most.

We Are Accountable

Accountability and ownership are critical to healthy relationships not only with our clients, but also to each other. High-performing teams are fully accountable to one another, and trust that you’re always covered.

We Are Customer-Centric

Both individually and as a team, our focus is always on providing an exceptional experience for our customers. Our approach is to provide an overwhelming response to customer issues until they are fully resolved – exceeding expectations, because it’s not good enough to be ‘good enough’.

We Value Quality Relationships

Our success and winning culture are based on trusting, mutually respectful relationships between our peers, clients, and partners. Foundational to this is the fundamental appreciation for solid relationships amongst everyone we work with.

We Are Committed to Doing the Right Thing, Always

This speaks to the core ethos of Logically and the people on our team. We are always going to do the right thing, period. It’s not always easy, it’s sometimes expensive, and at times it’s an exercise in personal humility. However, we will always do the right thing by our customers, our partners, and our colleagues.

We Are Nimble

Being the best in our industry requires innovation, leadership, and the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment quickly. A significant competitive differentiator for Logically is not only being able to identify opportunities or challenges early, but also mobilizing the entire organization to overcome and lead when change and adaptation are required.

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A word from our People Team

We are a very driven organization, working hard to go beyond what is typically expected from a MSP or MSSP. Our customers want us to partner in every aspect of their business as experts in cybersecurity and IT services; and our employees continually go the extra mile to increase the capability of our team, so that we stay ahead of the market and ensure best in class solutions for our customers. As we enhance our end-to-edge-to-cloud capabilities, it is these elements and more that make Logically a leader, enabling us to deliver on our promises to our customers. And it is all this that lets us innovate with purpose.

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What We Do for You

Logically is your trusted partner for managed security and IT solutions.

Our experts will collaborate with you to implement cyber-first solutions that protect your assets, reduce risk, and optimize performance so you can focus on your business, not the technology behind it.

Unsurpassed Operational & Technical Excellence

We set the standard for responsiveness and performance. Our intelligent managed security and IT solution platform, uses self-healing tools to allow your IT environment to stay operational even in rough times. Plus, our unmatched expertise and cyber-first approach to solutions ensures your dedicated team never misses a beat.

Our IT Solutions

Tailored Technology Solutions

Technology that makes sense for you. Our team of 200+ experts speak your language and make cybersecurity and IT accessible. We design unique environments that blend the right mixture of mature and cutting-edge technologies to help your business thrive. And, we deliver the peace of mind of knowing that your system is secure, from end to edge to cloud.

Meet Our Experts
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Logically University

Logically University, our in-house training solution, empowers our employees to solve your biggest cybersecurity and IT challenges. 

Logically sets the standard for employee training and knowledge-building in the managed security and IT service provider space with:

  • Company-wide cybersecurity awareness training requirements that equip every Logically employee to be the first line of defense against data breaches.
  • Monthly technical evaluations and virtual skills assessments to ensure the Logically cyber professional working with your team has expert-level knowledge of your platforms and solutions.
  • Continuing education opportunities that allow non-technical and technical Logically team members to understand and build expertise in new and emerging technologies to fill gaps in your cybersecurity and IT capabilities. 

Looking for a Trusted Managed Security and IT Solution Partner?

See our cyber-first approach to IT in action. Speak to one of our experts and learn how Logically can solve your technology problems.

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