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If you’re part of the growing mobile workforce, having remote access to your files from anywhere means you never have to worry about forgetting something important. You can travel light and do business from just about anywhere you have an internet connection. At the same time, companies need to maintain required levels of security to meet the existing business and operational models.

An increasing number of applications are also being hosted in the cloud, and rather than backhauling those applications through the core network, organizations need to consider providing secure remote connectivity directly to those applications. Direct connectivity will not only reduce the load on the network, but also improve overall user experience, especially for high-bandwidth or latency-sensitive applications.

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There are several reasons why using the cloud can enable greater productivity for remote work.

Makes access easier : The ability to access and manage data is critical for remote workers who may be juggling multiple projects for different clients. Using the cloud can cut down on the frustrations that come with not being able to find or share files. A good cloud storage system and a reliable Internet connection can make accessing and manipulating data relatively simple and pain-free.

Improves collaboration : Collaborative platforms play a central role in helping remote teams function efficiently and meet goals. File sharing can help a distributed team work together in real time by notifying colleagues of changes to a project and keeping everyone on the same page. Increased collaboration can increase productivity and help your team communicate across multiple time zones, if necessary.

Supports working on-the-go : The cloud can help remote workers stay productive from wherever they choose to work – a home office, on the road, or any location where they can find secure and reliable Internet. Cloud storage apps can be a great way to facilitate working from anywhere.

Increases security : Cloud storage can help remote workers and their employers establish a more secure platform for files, individual assignments, and shared work projects. Data stored in the cloud isn’t vulnerable to hardware failures and is often subjected to tighter access controls than traditional IT systems.

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