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Cerdant was extremely busy in 2017.  Not only with day to day business operations, but also with increasing our product portfolio and enhancing our current service offerings. At Cerdant, we strive to provide the best Customer Support experience possible. We also strive to enhance our technology, provide better features, and increased value for our customers.

To start 2018, we are pleased to introduce Sentry 2.0!  Most of our customers currently utilize our Sentry level Managed Security Service offering and we have added many new features to this service for 2018 at no cost.  These improvements were made to adapt to the ever-changing Network Security landscape and will benefit you in the following ways:

  • IP Reputation Database

Cerdant initiates daily scans of 8 to 10 of the largest IP Reputation Databases for abuse IPs, blacklisted IPs, ransomware IPs, etc and then cross references customers network traffic against these IPs. If Cerdant flags malicious traffic on a customer’s network containing one of the known IPs, a Cerdant Network Security Analyst is alerted and will thoroughly investigate the traffic to determine if a threat exists.

  • Cerdant IP Reputation Database

Cerdant has developed a system in which a Cerdant Network Security Analyst can identify a malicious IP and then insert that IP Address into a Cerdant custom IP Reputation Database for further scanning. Cerdant can take this IP information and scan against other customers traffic to see if they are experiencing the same malicious activity. This system came in extremely handy when the very popular PC cleaner program, CCleaner, became infected. Cerdant was able to take the IP Addresses that the infected version of CCleaner was phoning home to and cross reference all customer traffic against this IP. Cerdant could then notify customers that were running the infected version of CCleaner.

  • Botnet Notifications

Cerdant can now scrub the syslog data that comes from the SonicWall appliance and alert customers if any of their devices are currently reaching out to known botnet IP Addresses. This allows a Cerdant Network Security Analyst to quickly identify the traffic and alert customers of the malicious activity. Customers can then remove the infected machines from the network before more malicious activity can occur.

  • Trust Center

Cerdant developed a one of a kind Trust Center for our Network Security Analysts to utilize. Although it is not a customer facing upgrade, this tool provides many great benefits to our customers. The Trust Center allows the Network Security Analyst to create custom rule sets for each customer Firewall. The granularity of the Trust Center creates much more accurate alerting for our customers.

  • Trust Rule Expiration

A Cerdant Network Security Analyst can now create an Expiration Timer for any Suppression rule that is created. This was a frequent customer request and Cerdant delivered. Many customers will ask us to suppress or ignore a certain traffic type for a given timeframe. Now Cerdant can create this suppression rule and establish an expiration date for the rule. Once the rule expires Cerdant will start alerting on this traffic again.

At Cerdant, we work to continually innovate and provide quality services and products to our customers. We will continue to offer more products and services in 2018.

If you currently do not utilize the Cerdant Sentry level Managed Security Service and would like to learn more, please contact Cerdant Sales, or call us at 877.616.9384.