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Layer Your Security for Best Results

Many modern cyber attacks are blended attacks. These attacks target different layers using many techniques to infiltrate a network. Blended attacks can bypass outdated firewalls that lack the power to inspect all traffic, including large files and HTTPS encrypted traffic.
The best way to lock down any network today is through a firewall with Unified Threat Management (UTM). Every SonicWALL combines many defenses to add protection at every layer of the network it guardsFor a retailer, the value of UTM comes from its combining complex tasks into a single device with a management console. No one does this better than SonicWALL. This approach provides a powerful defense against a wide range of security threats. This makes network protection more complete, affordable and easy to manage.

Meet regulations and avoid penalties

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) has six goals, including maintaining a secure network, monitoring networks, and implementing strong access control. Maintaining compliance with PCI standards is essential for businesses that accept credit cards. Meeting these goals ensures that credit card data, including cardholders’ personal information, is secureMaintaining PCI compliance can help your business avoid costly penalties, but should not be viewed as a complete network security solution, rather as an important step along your path to making your network as secure as possible.

Integrate compliance management

Look for a network solution that is easy to put in place and starts you on the right track. The first rule for PCI compliance is to change the passwords on all your network security devices. A simple internet search can discover these defaults. Make passwords hard to guess and keep them hidden away from prying eyes. SonicWALL’s will integrate many security features, including malware detection, intrusion prevention and blocking the inclusion of unsanctioned credit card numbers in outbound emails, into a single deviceAlso, next-generation firewalls will provide comprehensive network security and policy enforcement, along with robust management and reporting.
Retail network security can be a complex issue, but as presented in this infographic, it does not have to be. There are easy ways to start addressing it with IT solutions for retail networks. Look for a trusted advisor that can help you build a roadmap for small business network security. Insist on no-compromise security that matches performance and protection and fits your budget.

Download a PDF of this infographic: SonicWALL Retail Security