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Marketplace and digital trends increasingly shape the way we work and do business. 41 percent of employees spend more time away from their office than they did two years ago. But whether you’re on the road or in an office, you need workspaces that simplify collaboration with local and remote colleagues, while keeping IT systems secure.

In response, more and more organizations are choosing Microsoft 365, a solution with all the tools needed for secure collaboration. Combining Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft 365 has everything you need for a modern workplace.

Effortless collaboration

Today’s workplace runs on teamwork. According to a Gallup survey, when employees work on multiple teams across departments, they collaborate more effectively, are more engaged, and are more committed to quality. With Microsoft 365, you can manage all your conversations, files, and tools in one workspace with integrated Office 365 apps, including Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint.

Work anywhere and anytime, on any device

Research from Herman Miller suggests up to two-thirds of current meeting rooms are underused or avoided in workplaces today. Employees want to have the flexibility to work from any location and on any device. You can access your Office desktop on any device and work with your files anywhere. Apps and files are always up to date and available, so you can stay focused on your work. It’s easy to maintain too, with cloud-based storage and management tools like OneDrive.

Secure sensitive data

Bad actors know small businesses are likely to have less-defended IT infrastructures that make them a target for ransomware, viruses, or straightforward hacks into network. 71 percent of cyber-attacks target businesses of less than 100 employees. Microsoft 365 effectively protects you from two core security risks: external threats and internal data leakage. Technology such as Advanced Threat Protection will protect your workplace from the most common security threats, including malicious attachments to emails and suspicious links. Plus, multi-factor authentication ensures users are who they say they are before giving them access to data.

Create a cultural change in the workplace

Microsoft 365 helps you foster a modern workplace inside your own organization. For those organizations taking advantage of these capabilities, the digital transformation is already having a significant positive impact on productivity, collaboration, innovation, and the bottom line.

Nurturing a new culture of work requires a combination of the right technology and thoughtful workplace design.  At Logically, we’re empowering people and teams with modern solutions designed to help them seamlessly connect with one another, make data and analytics capabilities accessible for everyone, and securing IT systems from cyber-attacks and data leaks.

Whatever your organization’s workplace modernization needs may be, there is a solution out there for you. Schedule a call with an expert today.