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Here’s the latest installment of the Hacks, Attacks and Breaches cybersecurity news update.

The Logically team provides top cyber security stories every week to keep you up to date on the latest news headlines on cybersecurity, hacking, computer security, ransomware and other cybersecurity threats.

: Unauthorized Access
Microsoft: Software Company 

Risk to Small Business: The Lapsus$ gang has released 37GB of source code that they snatched in a brazen hit on Microsoft’s Azure DevOps server. Microsoft confirmed the incident, saying that the threat actors gained access through a compromised employee account. The source code looks to pertain to various internal Microsoft projects, including for Bing, Cortana and Bing Maps. Microsoft made a blog post about its recent operations to track and potentially interfere with Lapsus$ last week. The company was quick to state, “Microsoft does not rely on the secrecy of code as a security measure and viewing source code does not lead to elevation of risk.” Lapsus$ is known to be a ransomware outfit, but no ransom activity was disclosed in this incident.

How it Could Affect Your Business: Source code is a useful asset for cybercriminals that can help them develop new malware and attack techniques.

 Credential Compromise (Supply Chain Risk)
Okta: Identity and Access Management Solutions

Risk to Small Business: Lapsus$ also pulled off another high-profile attack, this time against access management company Okta. Lapsus$ announced that it had breached Okta’s security in January on March 22. Supporting the claim, the group published screenshots related to Okta’s internal apps and systems. This one had a bit of a bumpy acknowledgment process by Okta who originally said no customer data was accessed but later clarified, saying “a small percentage of customers – approximately 2.5% – have potentially been impacted and (their) data may have been viewed or acted upon.” A third-party service provider’s previous breach likely also played a part in the incident. No specifics on the data were given. As we stated above, Lapsus$ is typically involved in ransomware operations but no details of any ransomware activity have been reported.

How it Could Affect Your Business: Cybercriminals know that service providers are a quick avenue to exploit for vulnerabilities that may allow them to penetrate a bigger company’s security

United States – Morgan Stanley
: Social Engineering (Vishing)
Morgan Stanley: Financial Services

Risk to Small Business: Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, the wealth and asset management division of Morgan Stanley, says some of its customers had their accounts compromised in a vishing attack. The company notified clients that on or around February 11, 2022, a threat actor impersonating Morgan Stanley gained access to their accounts by impersonating a Morgan Stanley representative and persuading those victims to provide the imposter their Morgan Stanley Online account info. After successfully breaching their accounts, the attacker also electronically transferred money to themselves using the Zelle payment service. No specifics have been given regarding the number of customers swindled, but the firm has stated that those clients were reimbursed. 

How it Could Affect Your Business: Brand impersonation is a rising risk that businesses and consumers need to be aware of. It always pays to check for authenticity before handing over your data.