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Here’s the latest installment of the Hacks, Attacks and Breaches cybersecurity news update.

The Logically team provides top cyber security stories every week to keep you up to date on the latest news headlines on cybersecurity, hacking, computer security, ransomware and other cybersecurity threats.

Contra Costa County Government
: Hacking
Contra Costa County Government: Regional Government

Risk to Small Business: Contra Costa County officials have begun sending out letters this week to potential victims, after investigating a data breach from Q3 2021. The county’s investigation determined that an unauthorized person accessed several county employee email accounts at various times between June 24, 2021, and August 12, 2021. The intruder accessed emails and attachments containing information pertaining to certain county employees, as well as individuals who communicated with the county’s Employment and Human Services Department.

How it Could Affect Your Business: Government bodies have been a popular target for cybercriminals because they usually provide access to lots of valuable data.

Newman Regional Health
: Hacking
Newman Regional Health: Healthcare Facility

Risk to Small Business: Newman Regional Health is a tiny facility that’s notifying patients and employees of a big breach. The 25-bed not-for-profit hospital in Kansas informed patients that their data may have been exposed in a yearlong data breach. More than 52,000 patients are being notified of the incident after an investigation revealed unauthorized access to a limited number of the hospital’s employee e-mail accounts between January 26, 2021, and November 23, 2021. 

How it Could Affect Your Business:  No non-profit can afford the huge penalties that this organization will potentially incur after regulators get finished with them.

Florida International University
: Ransomware
Florida International University: Institution of Higher Learning

Risk to Small Business: The BlackCat ransomware outfit has claimed they’re behind a ransomware attack at Florida International University. The group said that it has stolen a range of personal information from students, teachers, and staff, amounting to 1.2 TB of data. Among the stolen data, the group says it obtained contracts, accounting documents, social security numbers, email databases and more. No further details about the stolen data was available at press time.

How it Could Affect Your Business: The Education sector has been getting hammered by cybercrime since the start of the global pandemic.