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Has managing your company’s digital assets become a major headache? Are you considering partnering with a managed services provider (MSP), but not sure where to begin? Perhaps you’re concerned that contracting with an MSP will be extremely costly. 

If any of this sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place. Below, we discuss what types of support may be included in managed services. Our experts also outline what factors will influence the cost of your managed IT services so that you can make the best decision for the needs of your business. 

What Are Managed Services? 
“Managed services” is a broad term that may refer to a wide range of information technology-related services and support. Some MSPs provide only a few select managed services, while others offer more comprehensive solutions, such as audit services, IT strategy, and planning. 

With that being said, virtually every MSP offers some form of the following: 

  • Remote network monitoring and alerting 
  • Remote patch management 
  • Network optimization 
  • Software and hardware lifecycle management 
  • Managed security services 
  • Help desk support 
  • Data backup and disaster recovery services 
  • ​On-site hardware deployment assistance 

When consulting with prospective managed service providers, keep in mind that you do not have to purchase all of these services. Instead, you can select the service or group of services that your business needs. 

Another consideration when selecting your MSP is that your company’s needs will not always remain constant. As your business evolves, the scope of IT support that you require will change as well.  

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Therefore, you may want to seek out an MSP that offers a dynamic lineup of services so that the level of support they provide can grow with your company. 

What Factors Impact the Cost of Managed IT Services? 
The best-managed service providers tailor their products and services around the unique needs of your business. An MSP can augment the capabilities of your existing IT staff or can serve as your entire information technology department. Naturally, the more services that you require, the higher the cost. 

Fortunately, most MSPs offer a variety of different packages so that they can accommodate the needs of any sized business. If a specific package does not address all of your pain points, you can select add-on services as needed.    

Typical MSP Pricing Models 
The most common pricing model used among managed service providers is a monthly subscription. This flat monthly fee will cover all of the contracted services that you have purchased, such as network monitoring, patch and update downloads, help desk support, etc.  

This pricing model takes the guesswork out of IT budgeting, as you already know how much managing your digital assets will cost each month, regardless of which challenges you encounter. 

In addition to the monthly pricing model, some MSPs allow enterprise clients to pay for services annually. By opting for an annual subscription versus the monthly payment model, clients may be eligible for service discounts. 

While you will be billed for MSP services on a monthly basis, you can always add other services as needed. For instance, if you want your MSP to conduct a cybersecurity audit, then you can schedule this service with them and have it billed in conjunction with your monthly subscription fee. 

Outsourcing IT services is much more cost-effective than hiring and maintaining an in-house team of information technology professionals.  

An MSP can not only provide essential IT services at a better rate, but it can also give you access to industry experts. This access ensures that you receive an optimal return on all of your technology investments. 

Logically: Your Trusted Managed Services Provider 
If you are searching for an experienced cloud services provider, Logically may be the perfect fit for your business. We offer a full suite of information technology solutions that can give you a competitive edge, including Office 365 support, IT strategy and planning, managed security services, and audit services. 

Logically takes care of your IT, so you can take care of business. We work hard so that you can work better. Whether you are seeking to augment an existing IT team or outsource IT completely, Logically can help. Contact us by calling 866.946.9638 or speak to an expert today

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