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When our team looked at the different SIEM and SOC services currently available on the market, we felt there had to be a better way.

In the early days of Cerdant, I used to hear the comment, “I’m not worried about hackers. I’m too small. What could they possibly take from me of value?” If you fast forward to today, the answer is a lot clearer to anyone who has ever had a ransomware attack. If your business makes any money or you store important information, you’re a target for someone.

Here we are, 20 years into the modern era of cybersecurity and it doesn’t seem like we’ve made much progress. In spite of all the technologies designed to keep our data safe, we still have breaches.  We knew we needed to take steps to not only educate companies about the importance of cybersecurity but also make it easier for organizations of all sizes to better safeguard their digital assets.

Security Technology Choices

As a general rule, all security technology can be divided into two broad categories: technology designed to prevent bad things from happening and technology that assumes something bad has already happened that needs to be responded to and resolved as soon as possible. While most small to medium-sized businesses currently leverage technologies in the first category, far too many have no ability to detect if a breach has occurred until critical systems are already damaged, and digital assets are already compromised.

The security world is full of acronyms like SIEM and SOCaaS, which we discussed in-depth in our previous post. These different strategies leverage different types of technologies and approach cybersecurity slightly differently, but the bottom line is that even the best technology is only as good as the people using it. IT managers face several challenges when it comes to choosing the right cybersecurity strategy for their organization, and most managers don’t have the time or the resources to do a deep dive into every platform so they can make a truly informed decision. Every solution involves significant time and monetary investment and requires ongoing support, so investing in the right solution for your organization’s needs is critical.

We understood the challenges many IT managers face when crafting or choosing a cybersecurity strategy and knew there was an easier way. All of our solutions use only the best technology and are backed by cybersecurity professionals who deploy the solution and then monitor and respond to events as they happen, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

At Cerdant, our goal has always been to make cybersecurity solutions easy, effective, and affordable. Our team of experts evaluated cybersecurity solutions from other well-known companies and used that data to select valued partners and create a high-quality solution with a low labor cost to offer affordable options to organizations of all sizes.

SentryXDR is a complete security monitoring and response platform. We use the latest AI technology to make sure the policy structure meets the needs of every company we serve, and we match it up with highly skilled analysts who know how to respond to threats as they happen. Best of all, now almost any company of any size can afford one of the highest quality security solutions available today.  It was important to us that we offer flexible solutions from both a security and a budgetary standpoint.  Our approach allows businesses to grow their security posture as their needs grow.

Prevention and Detection

Today, there is a lot of debate on the importance of prevention vs. detection.  Security experts tend to have their own bias on the best way to prevent a breach.  We’ve come to realize that there is no one, single, solution.  We know that the first step is to stop a breach from happening in the first place.  We offer several best-of-breed solutions to do that.  But we also realize that, despite the benefits to prevention, that sometimes hackers prevail and end up inside your network.  When that happens, detection becomes the only crime-fighting tool left.

We chose to use that combined approach to safeguard their networks as effectively as possible.  We rely on a layered defense approach that draws on data from multiple sources to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Having a solution like SentryXDR that monitors your data 24/7/365 means that when something suspicious happens on your network, not only will you be alerted to the event, but our team will work with you right away to handle the situation and minimize or even avoid damage and downtime.

How safe is your network? For more information about SentryXDR, please visit our website or contact our team of experts.