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Logically, a leader in cybersecurity solutions, is transforming the conventional conference approach by launching LogicON, a dynamic and interactive event designed to educate and empower attendees. This conference will be held from October 15-17, 2024, in Columbus, Ohio.

In an era where cyber threats are escalating rapidly—averaging 1,308 attacks per organization weekly in early 2024 (Check Point Research)—and potential cybercrime costs soaring to $13.82 trillion by 2028 (Statista), the need for robust cybersecurity knowledge has never been more critical. LogicON is committed to equipping end-users with the latest insights on cutting-edge technologies, trends, and strategies to enhance organizational resilience.


Attendees will benefit from a diverse agenda that tackles current cybersecurity challenges, explores emerging trends, and presents innovative solutions. Highlights include keynote speeches by top industry figures such as Chris Novak from Verizon, discussing the latest threat landscapes. The conference will cover crucial topics such as AI integration, cloud security, regulatory compliance, and the human elements of cybersecurity.

LogicON is reshaping cybersecurity education, ensuring that every conference participant gains actionable knowledge.

This year, LogicON is excited to introduce two new features: a three-hour cybersecurity bootcamp developed in partnership with CompTIA and MyComputerCareer, offering hands-on training and skills development, and the Coaching Café, hosted by ChannelWise, providing personalized expert advice in a relaxed setting.

“LogicON is reshaping cybersecurity education to meet the specific needs of end-users, ensuring that every participant gains actionable knowledge,” said Joshua Skeens, CEO of Logically. “Our goal is to foster a well-informed community that is equipped to address cybersecurity challenges confidently.”

Registration is now open for IT and Infosec leaders eager to advance their cybersecurity expertise and implement effective solutions in their operations. Join us to empower your team with the tools to stay secure.

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Logically is a leading national managed security and IT solution provider that helps organizations secure and support their businesses today, solve for tomorrow, and strategize for the future with cyber-first solutions. Our team of experts, including cybersecurity, engineering, networking, and cloud specialists, collaborate with customers to implement solutions that protect their assets, reduce risk, and optimize performance, end to end. ​ Since 1999, we have made long-term relationships, customer service excellence, and purposeful innovation guiding principles to ensure customers have a trusted advisor at their side, helping them focus on their business, not the technology behind it.

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