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Unfortunately, news broke yesterday that Equifax (one of the top three companies in the US that calculates credit scores) was breached. This data breach might have allowed up to 143 million customer’s information to have been stolen. This information contains names, addresses, birth dates, Social Security Numbers, plus more.

The data breach that was discovered in July might be categorically one of the worst data breaches in history. It is going to be very important that individuals do their own due diligence to make sure that the damage does not get worse for themselves. At this time, Equifax is offering a free year of credit monitoring. We would urge everyone to consider extending that monitoring out as your stolen data will be out there for years to come. You can  sign up for the free year of credit monitoring and to also see the likelihood that you have been impacted by this breach.

We at Cerdant are taking this breach very seriously and we urge you to do the same. Please pass this information onto anyone in your professional and personal lives.