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Advanced threats such as zero-day exploits and custom malware are on the rise. Today, cyber criminals exploit holes in vulnerable software affecting organizations of every size. SonicWALL Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) utilizes 3 cloud-based, sandbox engines to block threats before they enter your network. The sandboxes prevent suspicious code from entering the network until after it’s analyzed.

Malware is now being designed to detect the presence of virtual sandboxes to evade them. This limits the effectiveness of threat detection technologies. Organizations need a new approach to protect their information from these advanced threats. In particular, this requires threat analysis technology that can’t be detected or evaded by malicious code.

Capture is a best-in-class advanced threat protection (ATP) solution that does the following to catch malware:

  • Dynamically layer sandbox analyses
  • Expedite the remediation of identified threats
  • Block files until they are verified
  • Examine encrypted traffic
  • Analyze all files

 Look at this infographic to see the power of Capture ATP

Source: We are Sparta; The Battle to Defend our Data from Invaders

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