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The Sourcing Group is a one-stop shop for branded materials for their customers – from uniforms and apparel to marketing collateral, direct mail, and promotional items. The Sourcing Group was founded in 2005 and began as a much smaller company than it is today. In 2014, the group had just four offices with 40-50 staff and now has 20 offices across North America with over 200 employees.

The bulk of this growth occurred through targeted acquisitions over the past three to four years and resulting in significant growth in its IT infrastructure. Until recently, the company was committed to self-hosting the cloud with a core focus on high availability. This meant considerable investment in hardware resources. However, as more companies were added to The Sourcing Group family, it became increasingly clear that this model was going to be hard to sustain.

Jerry Edwards, CTO of The Sourcing Group, explains that “We realized that our reliance on on-premises infrastructure was becoming a major constraint. As the company expanded, we were running out of resources far more quickly than expected, with email being the biggest culprit.”

Another by-product of their fast growth was that they had acquired many businesses with different IT infrastructures. Some of the businesses were already using Microsoft 365 so it was clear something had to be done to stay consistent across the company. “Ultimately, we were facing a key decision: either spend a lot of money to build out our existing architecture to support our expanded environment or look at moving to the cloud,” Edwards said.

It was not an easy decision, but ultimately the best decision was moving to the cloud. Migrating a company of this size to the cloud was not a process the company wanted to manage or handle in-house. Edwards knew he needed help from an external partner with experience migrating large organizations like theirs to the cloud. This is where our team of experts stepped in.

With a proven track record in migrating companies to the cloud, Logically was able to manage The Sourcing Group through a smooth transition to its new system with few, if any, issues. Our team was able to create a standard onboarding process for new acquisitions, so there was now a clearly defined strategy for new companies joining the group.