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We Focus On Your IT Systems So You Can Focus On Innovation

Life sciences companies rely on their IT systems to do more than just manage administrative, financial, and operational functions. Their key differentiators are innovation and creating intellectual property (IP). It takes technology to manage the ever-growing volumes of data generated during product research and development, mine and analyze the data to provide insights, and securely collaborate with internal stakeholders and third parties.

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Minimize Downtime for Business-Critical Biotech & Life Science Systems

If your clinical trial, analytics, PLM, enterprise risk, or quality management systems go down, it impacts innovation, time to market, and employee productivity. Logically helps ensure your IT systems won’t slow you down.

Protect Intellectual Property

Your business is based on knowledge and intellectual property. Logically protects your data via world-class backup and disaster recovery, cybersecurity IT controls, and regulatory compliance support.

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Services We Offer

Managed Services

Let us manage your critical IT systems AND lower your IT costs.

  • Protect PHI data and your intellectual property
  • Improve system security
  • Reduce system downtime
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

IT Strategy & Planning

Let us design an IT strategy and plan that works for your business.

  • Assess and optimize network performance
  • Remediate vulnerabilities and lower risk
  • Improve system security
  • Plan a future-proof IT network

IT Services

Engage an IT specialist for mission-critical projects and improve ROI.

  • Safeguard your systems and data
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Ease application development and integration
  • Enable cloud migrations

Why spend money and time worrying about your IT systems when Logically offers IT services personalized to your organization’s specific needs?

IT for Biotech Life Science Organizations

Your IT team is under pressure to service many stakeholders and has responsibility for a surfeit of activities, projects, and programs. From managing your Clinical Trial Management, ERP, and other business systems, to improving networks and creating collaborative solutions, to ensuring scalability as data-intensive workload volumes increase, your IT team already has problems keeping up. And as your IT systems incorporate new technologies – artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and blockchain – IT responsibilities and workload will increase even further.

Your company is also reliant on your IT systems and team to ensure you are compliant with FDA, EPA, USDA, and HIPAA requirements to name just a few regulations. And, you can add cyber-security to this already dizzying array of IT responsibilities. While it is always a challenge to secure your systems, digitization is creating a rich network and collaborative IT environment that will pose even greater security challenges.

From system management to incorporating new technologies, to security and compliance, you expect a lot from your IT systems and IT team. But it takes both time and expertise to develop, manage and expand your IT ecosystem to keep your business operations running, your staff productive, your data protected, and your business in compliance with regulatory requirements.

If your systems are unstable, it will cost you money in downtime and quick fixes, lost productivity, and even lost business. A down system means your R&D department can’t access their research information. Suffer a cybersecurity attack and your IP and protected health information (PHI) can be compromised. If your systems are not compliant with HIPAA regulations, it can also cost you dearly in fines. If you cannot roll out a new application or cloud platform on time, you can lose business to your competitors.

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How Logically Helps

Logically offers one-stop-shop IT services that cover the full range of cloud and on-premise IT management needs, from ongoing IT management and end-user support, IT strategy and leadership, technology upgrades, cloud migrations, and security and regulatory compliance. Whether you want to outsource the management of your IT systems or looking for IT staff augmentation, Logically can provide the exact IT service you need.

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