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Hosted by Logically’s Chief Revenue Officer, Steven Rivera, this speaker series showcases top industry experts to cover topics ranging from ransomware trends, data breach prevention protocols, to cloud services security, and much more. Get the tools and knowledge you need to keep your organization secure and future-ready.

Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional or simply interested in learning more about cybersecurity and the growing complexity in technology, Logically Speaking is your trusted source of information.

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Season 2, Ep. 1 – Effects of Compromise with Michael F.D. Anaya

In the first episode of Logically Speaking Season 2, Steve engages with former FBI Agent, and current Global Director of Attribution at Palo Alto Networks, Michael F.D. Anaya.  Michael shares his knowledge and extensive experience from law enforcement in the cyber crime division, and highlights key areas of weakness that attackers target in organizations across the globe.

Get the inside scoop on the effects of compromise:

    • Understand threat actors and their motivations for cyber crime
    • Learn the impact of compromise to businesses across industries
    • Discover tips on how to effectively mitigate attacks for your company
    • Find out why data sharing is critical after any business compromise
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