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The Difference Between EDR, MDR, & XDR, and Why You Need Them

AMA | 39 Minutes

Choosing the right security solution for your business can be tricky. Do you choose a people-based approach or a software-heavy approach? If the latter is your preference, will it be EDR, MDR or XDR? Our cybersecurity experts are here to break it down for you. Tune in for this Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session, where we discuss the differences between the three security solutions. We also dive into how each of these tools can benefit your business, and how they can help protect against threats across various channels. The session also covers:

  • How EDR, MDR and XDR benefit different types of businesses
  • Why EDR is required for cyber risk insurance?
  • What expertise do you need to operate an EDR solution?
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