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Logically Moves Acclaimed Moving Company to Continued Success

About AC Moving

Allen and Coles Moving Company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Portland, Maine. A moving mainstay of the New England region, they are well stocked with over 80 pieces of equipment and more than 100 highly-trained employees. Allen and Coles also has the distinction of receiving the NAVL Quality Award for their drivers 6 consecutive years in a row. Julian Coles is the president and owner of Allen and Coles Moving. He was introduced to Logically through his prior head of IT. As a longtime customer, Coles appreciates Logically’s ability to handle the day-to-day technical operations he depends on to keep his business moving.

IT Challenge

Logically is responsible for security, hardware, basic IT structure, and any unexpected technical problems that come up at Allen and Coles Moving. Coles also relies on Logically to set up laptops for new hires. He appreciates the hands-off approach he can take to managing hardware. During the pandemic, Allen and Coles employees were able to pick up their computers and head home within half a day of the announcement that they would be working virtually.

Though he considers Allen and Coles IT needs to be “nothing especially big”, he says Logically has always been ready to step up to the plate and solve unexpected technical issues with ease. “The help desk has been great for everyday stuff. I’ve enjoyed working with a couple of guys that were trying to solve a complicated issue.” In addition to solving unexpected problems and managing hardware, Coles values Logically’s recommendations. “We have one to two meetings a year with them where we get updated on the state of IT. Most of our data is in the cloud now, so that’s been really helpful. Microsoft 365, was their recommendation and it’s worked well for us. It’s a great platform to work from.”

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