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Logically Provides Law Firm with Security and Peace of Mind

About Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt, P.A.

Established in 1984, Jenkins, Wilson, Taylor & Hunt, P.A. (JWTH), is a specialized law practice devoted exclusively to providing intellectual property counseling and services to clients with respect to patent, trademark, and copyright law. With a focus on three main disciplines: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and biotech, the firm works to provide high-quality patent legal services in a cost-efficient and expeditious manner. Their client base is diverse and includes large corporations and research universities as well as small businesses. Located in the renowned Research Triangle area of North Carolina, JWTH has over 35 employees and works in a Windows environment.

IT Challenge

IT Challenge JWTH consistently deals with sensitive information around intellectual property and requires robust network support to ensure that all of the data is secure. When the pandemic hit, the majority of employees began working from home. The firm worked with Logically to ensure that all the firm’s data was secured remotely.

“Nobody ever envisioned that 90% of our employees would be working from home,” said Atcheson. In addition, Logically worked with JWTH to provide continuous security awareness training for their newly remote workers and discussed potential cyber security issues with the firm regularly.

“They provided us with a roadmap around how to approach our security, both from a network and human behavior standpoint,” added Atcheson. Logically provided a dedicated IT specialist to JWTH who worked closely with the firm’s lawyers to outline what kind of security procedures should be implemented. Mr. Atcheson said that JWTH “considers themselves to be true partners with Logically” and that “good partners work with each other, so we wanted to make sure we did our part to help Logically understand exactly how we operate.” He added, “By having a Logically representative learn the ins and outs of our business, we were able to create an IT plan that made sense for us.”

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