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Decoding Cybersecurity: The Nuances of Securing Tech

No one has security “figured out”, and that’s OK. Matt Lee from Pax8 dives into nuances of cybersecurity from impacts on businesses to customers, and what we really mean when talking about securing technology. In this special event edition of Logically Speaking, Tatianna and Matt review the history of technology and how its advancement requires a new lens to understand and adapt to today’s expectations and standards. Learn as Matt shares his experiences in IT and Cybersecurity and the major challenges he sees businesses facing in the wake of artificial intelligence.

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Tatianna Harris, Content Marketing Manager @ Logically

Matt Lee, Senior Director of Security and Compliance @ pax8

October 18, 2023 | 28 mins

Key Takeaways from the Episode

  • Learn who is actually responsible for securing the technology and systems we use
  • Understand the history of technology
  • Discover the cascading importance of cybersecurity from businesses to people
  • The best piece of advice for businesses trying to “tackle” security
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