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Ep. 1 – Effects of Compromise: Incident Recovery and Data Sharing

Michael Anaya
palo alto networks

Steve Rivera, CRO @ Logically

Michael F.D. Anaya, Global Director of Attribution @ Palo Alto Networks

September 18, 2023 | 55 mins

Starting Season 2 of Logically Speaking, we welcome a special guest, Michael F.D. Anaya, Founder of decodingCyber and the Global Director of Attribution at Palo Alto Networks. This episode is packed with critical information every business should know as Steve and Michael dive deep into remote cyber threats, incident response, legal ramifications of a breach, and the importance of data sharing after a compromise. After enjoying this episode, you’ll understand what your business has that threat actors covet, and how to better prepare for and respond to potential attacks.

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Key Takeaways from the Episode

  • Understand threat actors and their motivations for cyber crime
  • Learn the effects of compromise to businesses in every industry
  • Discover tips on how to effectively mitigate attacks
  • Find out why data sharing is critical after any compromise
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