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Enhance security. Increase productivity. Drive innovation. Build flexibility. Logically’s cloud solutions help you do it all.

The Cloud Is a Journey, Not a Destination

Whether you’re exploring cloud solutions for the first time or looking for ways to optimize your existing cloud infrastructure, Logically is here for you every step of the journey.

Our team of cyber-first cloud, cybersecurity, engineering, and networking specialists help you find your way from “Why do I need the cloud?” to “Here’s what Logically can do to make the cloud work for me.” As your business grows and your needs change, Logically scales your cloud infrastructure so you stay on track.

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Are You Ready for the Cloud?

According to Gartner, 85% of businesses will be cloud-first by 2025. Is your business ready? Logically provides assessments to gauge where you are in your cloud journey and whether you’re getting the most value from your cloud-based tools.

Cloud Readiness Assessment
Every journey begins with a single step, and we help determine what that step should be. Your Cloud Readiness Assessment includes a gap analysis and evaluation of your existing tech stack, usage, and workloads for:

  • Organization processes readiness
  • Application landscape discovery
  • Infrastructure assessments
  • Security and Compliance requirements
  • Future scaling aspects

This information helps us understand the state of your current system architecture and areas involved in migrating to the cloud so we know how ready you are for that migration.

Take the Next Steps

Once you know where you are on your cloud journey, it’s time to turn knowledge into action. Depending on your organization’s cloud maturity, we create a cloud adoption and optimization road map that ensures your cloud infrastructure is secure, accessible, and scalable.

Cloud Deployment and Migration Planning

Leverage our team of experts to plan and design your cloud deployment and migration strategies. With our extensive experience in cloud solutions, including AWS and Azure platforms as well as our own private cloud, we can help organizations optimize their cloud performance, improve scalability, and reduce costs. Our team of experts can work closely with you to identify your specific needs, develop a customized cloud deployment plan, and provide guidance on the best solutions and tools to use.

Cloud Architecture

Not every organization has the in-house expertise to design and deploy cloud solutions. Our cloud architecture specialists provide customized design, deployment, and optimization of cloud solutions that are secure, scalable, and efficient. We integrate your existing on-premises infrastructure with best-fit cloud solutions to ensure your cloud environment is cost-effective, high-performing, and secure.

We Show You the Way

With your cloud road map in hand, Logically’s cyber-first cloud, cybersecurity, engineering, and networking specialists help you migrate, configure, deploy, and secure your cloud environment.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

A hybrid cloud gives your business greater agility and flexibility in adapting to changing business needs. Logically can connect your business systems using a combination of on-prem and cloud integrations for seamless company-wide connectivity, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced security.

Cloud Deployment and Migration

Logically can provide valuable support for your cloud deployment and migration planning. Our team of experts has extensive experience with cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure, as well as our private cloud. We can assist in migrating your organization to the cloud, implementing backup solutions, and upgrading to Office 365. We take a proactive approach to cloud management, monitoring systems and addressing potential issues before they become problems. Additionally, we can help you optimize your cloud infrastructure for performance, reliability, and security while minimizing downtime and disruptions to your business. As your trusted partner, we can handle the technical details of your cloud deployment and migration, so you can focus on running your business.

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Fully Managed Cloud Solutions

Partnering with Logically for your cloud services means you are never alone on your journey. We provide industry-best cloud solutions that ensure you maximize all of the benefits the cloud has to offer.

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Cloud Management

Logically offers comprehensive cloud management services for private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. Our team provides 24/7 proactive monitoring, management, and support to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and security. We offer programmatic management of resources through automation, allowing for greater efficiency and cost savings. Compliance is a top priority for us, and we provide integrated alerting to help ensure alignment with regulations and policies. With our SOC 2 Type II certification and shared responsibility approach, we take on a greater role in ensuring customer data, applications, services, and other assets are protected by the latest and most advanced technologies. We also offer detailed reporting to provide insights into the health and performance of your cloud environment.

Cloud-Based Data Protection

With cyberattacks growing more frequent and more aggressive, the cloud should be an essential part of your data backup, disaster recovery, security, and compliance strategies. Backing up your organization’s data to a cloud-based storage solution maintains data availability, integrity, and confidentiality while minimizing the risk of data loss.

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Cloud Hosting and Management

Our hosted private cloud gives you flexibility: manage it yourself or outsource management and upkeep to our certified Network Operations Center. Our hosting services include server provisioning, data storage, network management, security, and performance optimization. We offer customizable cloud hosting solutions tailored to meet specific business requirements. In addition, we provide comprehensive management and support services to ensure optimal performance and uptime. Our affordable and flexible pricing options allow organizations to choose the services they need without breaking the bank.

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Morgan Creek Management—Virtualization in the Cloud Enables Seamless Remote Work

Morgan Creek, a Microsoft shop, quickly adapted to the COVID-19 crisis by utilizing Logically for their project-based engineering initiatives and cloud migration. Thanks to Logically’s involvement with firmware updates, Exchange migrations, and backup solutions, Morgan Creek has easily facilitated regulatory rules and kept their employees working from home. The results: great cost savings and increased productivity.

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Defining Your Journey to the Cloud

Is your organization ready for the cloud? Download this e-book to learn why the cloud is essential for today’s businesses, what a move to the cloud entails, and which of your organization’s workloads, tools, and technologies will excel in the cloud.

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Is Your Organization Prepared for the Cloud?

Businesses are turning to the cloud for essential aspects of their operations rather than relying on locally installed software and servers. Logically works with your organization to create a cloud migration road map to embrace the cloud.

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