Logically’s award-winning SOC-as-a-Service is light-years beyond your average SIEM. Get next-level visibility, threat detection, and actionable intelligence across your network.

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SentryXDR Empowers Your IT Team to Recognize Threat Data and Act on It

SentryXDR leverages machine learning and AI to analyze, correlate, detect, and respond to known and unknown threats without the additional time and expense of hiring and training an in-house security team.

SentryXDR grpahic showing the features of the product

At Logically, we see organizations struggle with increasingly complex IT infrastructures made even more challenging by rapidly evolving cyber threats and a lack of human resources. SentryXDR combines powerful SIEM technology driven by AI and machine learning (ML) with a SOC team to deliver relevant, actionable alerts in real time and bridge gaps in your organization’s cybersecurity. In today’s data-dependent business environments, cyber threats are a 24/7/365 reality. Because cybersecurity and threat detection aren’t one size fits all, Logically offers multiple service level options to right-fit SIEM to your organization.

An Award-Winning Solution

Our cybersecurity solution has won Business Intelligence Group’s 2023 Fortress Cybersecurity Award in the analytics category.

The annual industry awards program seeks to identify and reward the world’s leading companies and products that are working to keep our data and electronic assets safe amidst growing cybersecurity threats.

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Each service level in the Sentry portfolio gives you access to experienced security analysts that augment your team and protect your business like it’s their own.

SentryXDR Edge

Let us manage your critical IT systems and lower your IT costs. Your firewall is the gate for all traffic moving in and out of your network. SentryXDR Edge helps you achieve increased threat visibility by analyzing and correlating the logs produced by your firewall for both known and unknown threats and behavioral anomalies.

Correlate events from Edge Firewall

Provide alerts and reports

Historically review alerts (90 days)

Auto-remediate alerts at the Firewall

True ML/AI Firewall SIEM platform

Real-time analysis of logs and alerts via ML/AI

Reduces MTTR

Threat model knowledge base updated daily by 40 NSA, Honeypot, and industry feeds

SentryXDR Insights

SentryXDR Insights takes threat monitoring and detection to the next level of visibility. By analyzing two additional priority sources of log data from your network in addition to the firewall, we can create a more comprehensive view of threats that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Correlate events from your firewall and 2 additional log or flow streams

Identify compromised user credentials/insider threat (AD required)

Identify suspicious user account creation (AD required)

Detect suspicious lateral movement in a business environment

Auto-remediate alerts at active directory

SentryXDR 360

SentryXDR 360 has you covered, from your user endpoints to wireless APs to switches. We collect and correlate data streams from all relevant sources in your environment so that you have a 360-degree view of your security operations center in action.

True 360° view of the network

Correlate events from ALL log and flow streams on the network

Ingest logs and flows directly from endpoints

Future-Proof Your Cybersecurity Posture

Siloed log data, costly infrastructure upgrades, and a lack of specialized staff keep many organizations from achieving full threat visibility. Logically’s security information and event management services empower IT teams to build a comprehensive cybersecurity posture that defends against current and future threats.

The Technology

The SentryXDR platform goes beyond simple threat data analysis and correlation. SentryXDR leverages:

  • Elastic Computing Power
  • Dynamic Threat Models
  • User and Entity Behavioral Analyics (UEBA)
  • Threat Intelligence Feeds
  • Advanced Machine Learning
  • AI with Actionable Intelligence
  • Proprietary Feature Engineering
  • Anomaly Detection Algorithms

Key SentryXDR Benefits

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