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Secure storage. Disaster recovery. Easy access to virtual environments. Logically ensures your IT infrastructure is optimized, accessible, and secure.

Strengthen and Secure Your Data Center Infrastructure

According to some studies, a single hour of downtime can cost a business $100,000-$540,000 on average, depending on the industry and company size.
Logically’s data center solutions and services simplify your complex environments, close the skills gap, and secure your IT technology against rapidly evolving cyberthreats.

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How Future-Ready Is Your Infrastructure?

Logically can assess your data center infrastructure security and performance to determine where vulnerabilities are and how to resolve them.

Server Assessment

This comprehensive review of your organization’s servers includes hardware, software, network, and security. Logically’s assessment looks at performance, capacity, availability, and potential risks. Then we provide insights for server optimization, upgrade, or replacement planning.

VDI Assessment

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can improve productivity, lower costs, and create better alignment with business goals. We evaluate your readiness for VDI implementation by assessing existing IT infrastructure, security practices, application performance, and resource allocation.

Backup Assessment

Every organization needs a periodic review of its backup and recovery strategies to ensure adequate data protection and business continuity. Logically’s engineers assess your backup infrastructure, policies, retention periods, backup testing, and disaster recovery planning to ensure they meet your recovery goals in the event of a disaster.

Data Center Infrastructure by Design

Data processing, storage, and management aren’t one-size-fits-all. We design a data center infrastructure that works for your business today and tomorrow.

VDI Design

Customized VDI design—including hardware, software, network configuration, security, storage, and backup—ensures your VDI environment is reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and secure.

Server Design

Our comprehensive, vendor-neutral server design, configuration, and architecture services are tailored to your business needs. This approach ensures your server infrastructure is optimized, scalable, and secure. It also mitigates the risk of hardware and software incompatibility or suboptimal performance.

How Much Downtime Can You Afford?

A lot of risks are involved in setting up a new data center or migrating to a colocation facility. Logically helps make the process seamless and secure for your organization while minimizing downtime for your customers.

Server Implementation

We ensure the smooth implementation and operation of your servers by helping you select the best hardware and software, migrating data, configuring the network, and installing robust security measures to protect your data and IT technology from cyberthreats.

Backup Implementation

Your data is too valuable to take shortcuts with your backup. Logically provides full-coverage backup capabilities, including assessing your current backup systems, installing backup software and storage, creating and enforcing backup policies, and scheduling regular backup testing.

Data Center Migration

Moving an organization’s IT infrastructure, applications, and data from one data center to another is no easy feat. Let us plan, design, and execute the migration, including hardware relocation, software installation, data migration, and testing to minimize downtime and protect data integrity.

VDI Implementation

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) increases flexibility, ease of access, and security. Installing the hardware and software and configuring the network can be complicated. Our specialists implement customized VDI in your organization and provide ongoing maintenance and support for maximum customer satisfaction.

Your Partner for Expert-Level IT Services

Migrating, configuring, deploying, managing, and securing data center IT technology requires specialized skills that many in-house IT teams lack. With our knowledgeable, highly trained professionals (650+ industry certifications) and SOC 2 Type II certification, Logically is well equipped to handle your data center needs.

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Storage Management

Logically’s storage management services help your business reduce costs and improve storage utilization through automated management and monitoring. Our data storage infrastructure includes storage devices, data backup, and recovery systems. We also offer storage capacity planning, data migration, data archiving, and disaster recovery planning.

Disaster Recovery

In today’s heightened threat landscape, you need to think about cyberattacks in terms of “when,” not “if.” A comprehensive disaster recovery strategy allows you to restore and recover critical IT systems and data after a data breach or other disaster. Logically’s disaster recovery service provides:

  • Business continuity and reduced downtime
  • Continuous data protection to ensure data is secure and recoverable
  • Compliance with regulations and standards to avoid penalties
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Managed Colocation

When you select our managed colocation service, you get access to enterprise-class facilities and IT expertise without the cost of building and maintaining a private data center. The benefits of a colocated data center include:

  • 24/7 physical and network security
  • Customizable space and power options
  • Redundant power and cooling infrastructure
  • Remote hands and on-site support

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Creating Your Disaster Recovery and Incident Response Plan

Creating a Disaster Recovery and Incident Response plan for your business is a critical part of your security strategy. What happens if you are the victim of a breach or cyberattack? Would you be able to resume business operations in a timely manner? How would your business continue to operate in the face of a disaster?

These questions and more will be answered in this webinar. The webinar is presented by Caleb Pipkin, Security Solutions Engineer, of Logically.

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