Hybrid Work

We’ve seen a rapid acceleration to a hybrid work environment that connects in-office and remote colleagues, clients, and partners. As hybrid work establishes itself as the new normal, and employees must access company information from the office and at home, hybrid cloud security solutions become essential.

Logically’s Approach to Hybrid Work & Security

Within the hybrid cloud context, sensitive data and highly proprietary information is protected in the private cloud while web and application servers leverage the flexibility and scalability of Logically’s public cloud.

A hybrid workforce requires you to expand the reach of your IT team and services. No longer are people connecting from the laptops and desktops in the office. Millions have shifted to working from home one or more days a week. While this is convenient for the employees, it also presents new challenges for your IT security. We take a multi-layer approach to security. Because there is no “silver bullet” defense. Instead, we apply coordinated defenses that work across different protocols and applications. Key cloud technologies we support include:

  • AWS 
  • Azure 
  • Office 365 
  • HaaS (Hardware as a Service) 
  • MSP360 (formerly Cloudberry) 

Logically delivers hybrid cloud security services for companies of all sizes. We minimize the risk of a breach or attack through our next-generation threat detection. We’ll keep you safe from rapidly evolving malware, ransomware, zero-day, file-less, and interactive threats like no other antivirus solution can.

The Value of Logically’s Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions

Logically is devoted to protecting your hybrid cloud. We’ll develop and support your redundancy, scaling, backup, and recovery solutions so your sensitive client data is always under guard.  Among the benefits you can expect when working with us:

  • Personalized approach designed to help a client determine their cloud strategy.
  • Hosted private cloud capabilities. We deliver trusted vendor partner solutions from Azure and AWS. 
  • Reduction in IT costs. Pay for what you need; scale as you grow.
  • Support for your virtual workforce.
  • Increased flexibility and agility. Your organization will be able to scale its workforce quickly and empower them to work together.
  • Safeguards critical applications, data sets, and workloads, ensuring little-to-no downtime during your transition to a managed services platform.

Together, these services and their benefits will relieve the burden that’s placed on your IT team, including set-up, management, maintenance, and support.

We’ll help you create hybrid cloud security solutions that protect your data without slowing down access for your employees. Connect with our experts and let’s discuss.

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