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Eliminate the complexity and lower costs of managing your telecom and broadband services, while improving your teams’ productivity. Logically specializes in providing Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service (UCaaS). One point of contact to take care of everything telecom or broadband related.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Your business has ramped up its communications technology, and depends on advanced phone systems, video conferencing, internal messaging, and collaboration tools to stay productive. When acquiring, managing, upgrading, and supporting that technology becomes a costly burden, you need Logically to make it effortless.

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UCaaS and Broadband Services to Help Businesses Improve Productivity and Lower Costs

UCaaS is like SaaS – Software as a Service, but specifically for your telecom technology. Your IT staff or outside managed services provider is trained to manage and support computer networks and servers. Rarely do they also have expertise in telecommunications systems. While troubleshooting telecom may fall to them, it’s not their skill set, and it takes them off their bigger mission of managing your IT network. 

two logically network engineers observing a server in the server room with the female employee holding a laptop

Logically specializes in both. We have a dedicated team of telecommunications experts. We partner with all the major providers, know their systems inside and out, and we manage it all for you. 

With Logically, you never have to deal with the complexities of your communications systems. You can just enjoy the convenience and productivity those systems were designed to give you.

  • Collaboration Tools – scheduling, messaging, and project management software to keep people and projects one the same page and moving forward.
  • Voice – phone service that includes call forwarding, call recording and advanced call routing
  • Messaging – for instant internal communications between individuals or teams.
  • Video Conferencing – now a staple of the remote workforce and client meetings, allowing face-to-face communication via web teleconferencing.
  • Internet – the connectivity service on which so much of your business communications needs to exist.

UCaas Will Be Even More Important in the Future

Your telecommunications infrastructure can make or break your business. Issues such as slow internet connection or legacy phone systems that don’t support today’s modern working lifestyle can negatively impact your business reputation. From frustrating customer experience to poor productivity and efficiency within the organization, such issues may stem from outside telecom systems. Working with a strategic partner who can offer the right telecom solution that suits your business needs gives you the upper hand over the competitors.

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Number of Remote Workers will Double

By 2023, the number of remote workers will have doubled, and businesses will want to have work-anywhere capabilities.

41% Increase of Investments in the Cloud

Tech analyst predicts as much as half of the spending across various expenditures will be shifted to the cloud by 2025, a 41% increase from 2022.

Managing Your Telecommunications:
Move from Piecemeal to Peace

Your current systems may be from several providers, all with different contracts, fees, upgrade schedules. Your routers, phones and other equipment are another layer to manage and inventory. Then there are the user issues and support. What was intended to improve workflow is taking people off-task to manage. Logically takes these responsibilities off of your plate:


Ideally, all your communications should have a unified strategy. The strategy should fit your goals and budget and work toward your business objectives. Logically will provide an unbiased assessment of your current systems and suggest what could help you get on track toward your goals.


Telecom contracts are so long and complicated, you may be signing off on terms or costs you weren’t even aware of. Logically reviews your contracts and will tell you in laymen’s terms what you’d be agreeing to. We’ll handle the contract negotiations on your behalf to find cost savings and enforce service level agreements.


Keeping track of your equipment and locations, the serial numbers, warranties, purchase dates and agreements, depreciation schedules…let’s just say no one in your office wants to do that. But having a comprehensive telecom inventory database will simplify management and help you make better informed decisions about future expenditures. Logically does this for you.


If you don’t have a support service set up for your telecom, it falls to your IT staff. They know some of it, but much of the telecom technology is outside their training. They end up being pulled off task to research the issue or contact the provider. With Logically, you have one point of contact for support for all your communications systems. Just contact our help desk and we take it from there.

Why Logically?

  • Improve Operations – Telecom implementations can be difficult; our experienced team knows what to look out for to keep your project on time.
  • Telecom Vendor Escalation and Support – We know how to navigate the carrier support ecosystem to ensure your business is not lost in the crowd when you need to have a service changed or restored.
  • Extended Logically Solutions – IT support including 24/7/365 monitoring and help desk services by Logically. We also offer Cybersecurity Assurance, an AI-driven SentryXDR for security monitoring incident response.
  • Best Service, Best Cost – We raise the bar for responsiveness and accountability.
  • Full Range of Global Carriers – We have relationships with 200+ providers to offer Colocation, SIP, CaaS, xDSL, cable fiber, T1, EOC, EOF, 4G/5G, fixed wireless, satellite, and more.
  • Solution Analysis and Pre-qualification – Our team’s experience enables us to validate the best carriers based upon your unique footprint and business requirements and present you with the best options for your organization.
  • Consolidate Billing – We deliver a single invoice to streamline tracking your telecom expenses and save your team time.

Making Technology Decisions
“We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know!”

Every growing business has to acquire new technologies and experiences that wide-eyed uncertainty of their decision. If you’re not a technology expert, how can you know if you’re making the right decision? Was there something better or more affordable? Are you paying for services you don’t even need? Logically fills that knowledge gap and makes sure you’re getting the best fit and best value.

System Audits

Do you wonder if your current telecom system is ideal for your business needs? Will it work for you as you grow? Does it cost more than it should? We do behind-the-scenes audits when we onboard you and as you grow to ensure your technology is the right fit.

Insider Rates

We have partnerships with all the major telecom providers and have already negotiated better rates than your business could get on its own – even if you stay with your current providers.

Vendor Neutral

We work for you, not the vendors. We have relationships with all our technology partners and have no incentive to sell you on one over the other. We’re free to honestly guide you to the vendors who we believe will serve your best interests.

Is Your Current Telecom System Right for Your Business?

We can do an unobtrusive system audit to check if your technology is current and bringing the best value for your budget.

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