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This is a good time for the manufacturing industry. Most manufacturers are delivering solid financial results and the move towards digital and advanced technologies is transforming business operations and the supply chain faster than ever. Over the next few years, manufacturers will become smarter, faster, safer, and more efficient as they explore technologies, such as big data, digital twins, AR/VR, mobile ERP, connected services, blockchain technology, and autonomous devices to improve efficiencies, productivity, and collaboration; scale operations; and open new opportunities.

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Minimize Downtime for Business-Critical Manufacturing Systems

If your ERP, supply chain, inventory management, accounting, or order entry systems go down, it impacts production across your entire company and supply chain. Logically helps ensure your IT systems won’t slow you down.

Stay Secure & Compliant

Good manufacturing requires strong processes and a focus on quality. Good security requires a similar focus on IT controls that will keep your data secure and compliant with industry and government regulations.

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Services We Offer

Managed Services

Let us manage your critical IT systems AND lower your IT costs.

  • Protect intellectual property and personal data
  • Improve system security
  • Reduce system downtime
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

IT Strategy & Planning

Let us design an IT strategy and plan that works for your business.

  • Assess and optimize network performance
  • Remediate vulnerabilities and lower risk
  • Improve system security
  • Plan a future-proof IT network

IT Services

Engage an IT specialist for mission-critical projects and improve ROI.

  • Safeguard your systems and data
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Ease application development and integration
  • Enable cloud migrations

Why spend money and time worrying about your IT systems when Logically offers IT services personalized to your organization’s specific needs?

IT for Manufacturing Organizations

Industry analysts agree that digital “holds tremendous potential and is likely to be decisive in determining the fate of industrial manufacturing companies in the months and years to come.” But as manufacturers welcome Industry 4.0, they rely on their IT systems now more than ever. Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry and IT continuity is a critical factor in ensuring your company meets its production goals and stays out in front of the competition.

From a compliance perspective, manufacturers have always dealt with increasing regulation and compliance requirements, from OSHA, ISO 9001, FDA, and EPA requirements to the more recent GDPR. Your IT systems play a critical role in ensuring your organization and your suppliers meet compliance requirements.

Manufacturing firms are already challenged with ensuring cyber-security and digital transformation and IoT will create even greater vulnerabilities. From supply chain threats to advanced persistent threats (APT), cyber-criminals can siphon off sensitive information that can result in significant legal costs, and compliance fines, and impact the value of your brand.

From embracing digital and innovative technologies to ensuring data security and compliance with industry regulations, you expect a lot from your IT systems. But, it takes IT experts and specialists to develop and manage your systems and with tight budgets, hiring the right staff is not always possible. The result: unstable, insecure, and poor-performing IT systems can cost you more than you might imagine.

If your MRP or ERP systems go down, it impacts production across your entire company and supply chain. A cybersecurity attack can compromise personal data and intellectual property, which can contribute to corporate espionage.  If your systems are found out of compliance, it can cost you significantly in fines. If you cannot roll out a new application, new technology, or cloud platform on time, it can increase your IT development costs, impact productivity, and slow down your efforts to get to market fast.

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How Logically Helps

Logically offers IT services that cover the full range of cloud and on-premise IT management needs from ongoing IT management and end-user support, IT strategy and leadership, technology upgrades, cloud migrations, security, and regulatory compliance. Whether you are looking for expertise to help with setting your IT strategy managing your IT systems, or anything in between, Logically can provide the exact IT service you need.

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