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Logically Uncovered: Network Fabric, Segmentation & How They Stop a Serious Security Incident

Key Takeaways

We’ve all become accustomed to thinking of networks as a cybersecurity vulnerability. But, what if you could use your network to increase your security posture?

Critical infrastructure sectors, such as transportation, healthcare, defense, and government are doing just that, using network fabric technology not only to connect all of the components of their networks, but also to implement micro-segmentation that blocks lateral movement and prevents network breaches.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why network segmentation (and micro-segmentation) is now a non-negotiable part of your cybersecurity strategy.
  • How stealth networking makes your network almost invisible to unauthorized users and malicious actors.
  • What Zero Touch Fabric is and how it extends into the SD WAN and wireless space.
  • How Extreme Networks network fabric achieves air gap equivalence in a single network.
  • And more.
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Webinar | 47 Minutes

In our latest Logically Uncovered webinar, Edwin (Ed) Koehler, Distinguished Principal Engineer at Extreme Networks answered our questions about how fabric architectures are shaping the future of cybersecurity and why segmentation is an essential part of that evolution.

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